presents it's first



June 4, 1960




  1. Bill Claus,             Allegany                           4:40.8

  2. Bill Thompson,     Mercersburg Acad            4:49.9

  3. Jeff Norris,            Allegany                          4:51.2

  4. Dave Brenneman    Frederick                         4:51.6

  5. Mel Arbaugh,         Westminster                     4:52.0

  6. Merwin Hast,          Fort Hill                           4:52.5




Saturday, June 4, 1960 at 2 PM

Frederick High School Track, Frederick, Maryland

Sponsered by The Cumberland Valley Athletic Club

Sanctioned by The National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations


        The Cumberland Valley Athletic Club wishes to welcome you to its First Annual Invitational High School Mile. It is our hope that each miler will be able to record his personal best time, and with this in mind, our officials will time each runner regardless of his finish position in the race. The field for todays mile is fortunate to be blessed with the 1960 Maryland State High School Mile Champion, Bill Claus of Allegany High, and the 1957 & 1959 Maryland school boy titlist, Sterling flames of Westminster High.

        The Cumberland Valley AC has been organized for the purpose of promoting Track & Field and Cross Country in the Cumberland Valley areas of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In addition to the Invitational Mile to be run in June of each year, t1-e Cumberland Valley Cross Country Meet held in November of each year will also be sponsered by the 3lub, having been formerly pousred by two of our members. Our membership is open to both athlete and non-athlete. The main requirement is a sincere interest in Track & Field and Cross Country.

        We would like to express our appreciation to Frederick High School and to its track coach Hal Moser for providing us with the excellent facilities for todays mile. Without their help and cooperation, the Invitational Mile would not have been possible.

William J. "Buzz" Sawyer Jr. President

Cumberland Valley Athletic Club


Jersey & Lane Best 1960

Number Name School Class Mile

1 Bill Claus Allegany Senior 4:38.7

2 Sterling flames Westminister senior 4:40.0

3 Dave Brenneman Frederick Senior (2:02.9 880)

4 Merwin Hast Fort Hill Senior 4:44.0

5 Bill Thompson Mercersburg Acad. Junior 4:46.0

6 Jack Hendershot Berkeley Springs Junior 4:47.8

7 !4e1 Arbaugh Westmthister Soph 4:49.5

8 Jeff Norris Allegany Soph 4:50.0

9 Bobby Tufts St. James Soph 4:50.8




Starter: Mr. George Hill

Awards: Mrs. W.L. DeGrange Jr.

Judges: Bob Scrivener, Buddy DeGrange, Ed Ford, Guy Whidden, Ronnie Miller, Larry Khmer, Mrs. Guy C. Whidden, Adrian Sangster.

Timers: Dick Wenrich, Pat DeGrange, Bernie Klein, Buzz Sawyer, Wally DeGrange, Ralph Tracy, Ed Nigh, Lester DeGrange


A permanent trophy will be awarded to the school represented by the winner of The Invitational Mile. The winner's name, his school, and his winning time will be engraved on the trophy before it is placed in the school's trophy case. Medals will be awarded as follows; 1st Place Gold Medal

2nd Place Silver Medal

3rd Place Bronze Medal

4th Place Bronze Medal

In addition to the above, small souvenir bronze medals will be awarded to 5th-10th.


CVAC Invitational High School Mile To be established today

Fastest mile over fun by a high school athlete 4:08.9

National high school mile record 4:11.0

Fastest high school mile east of the Mississippi 4:14.9

State High School Records School Records of Thy. Milers

Maryland     A 4:34.1 Allegany 4:38.7

                    B 4:46.0 Berkeley Springs

Pennsylvania     A 4:25.0 Fort Hill

                        B 4:22,4 Frederick

Virginia             I 4:26.3 Mercersburg Acad.

II 4:32.0 South Hagerstown 4:48.3

West Virginia 4:34.0 Saint James 4:43.3

Westininister 4:36.3

Cumberland Valley Athletic League Mile Record 4:36.3


The third annual Cumberland Valley Cross Country Meet sponsered by the CVAC will be held at Saint James School on Saturday, November 19, 1960. Trophy to the winning team and medals to the first 15 individuals to finish. If you do . not have enough boys for a full team, individual entries are also encouraged. Full particulars will be mailed in the early fall, but please note this date on your schedule. This event is also sanctioned by the National Federation of High School Athletic Associations.





Allegany High School, Cumberland, Maryland

Coached by: Ed Schwarz

Bill Claus is only in his first season of track competition, but what a year it has been for the undefeated senior miler from Allegany High. Just what Claus is capable of remains to be seen as he has not had an opportunity to display his talent to the fullest this year even though he broke the Allegany High School record for the mile 3 times this spring. He first broke the school record in the Fort Hill Invitational May 7 with a 4:47.2 on a day marred by high gusty winds. Perfect weather, a fast Frederick High Track, and stiff competition from the 1959 OVAL and state mile champion, Sterling Haines, helped Bill get down to 4:40.6 in the OVAL meet on May 21 Here again he was not seen at peak strength as only an hour and 30 minutes before the mile, Claus had pushed Brenneman of Frederick to a new OVAL 880 record of 2:03.2 while tying the old mark of 2:0.3 in finishing second. Last saturday at Catonsville, Bill Claus established himself as the favorite in todays mile by running a fast 4:38.7 in capturing the Maryland High School Mile Title. His 4:38,7 is truly remarkable when you consider the meet was held in a steady downpour of rain. The muddy underf000t probably cost him a shot at the state high school record of 4:34.1. Most observers agree that this young man is capable of under 4:35 when conditions are right.


Westminister High School, Westminister, Maryland

Coached by: Dick Makosky

Sterling Haines as a 1957 freshman at Westminister High School won the Maryland State High School Mile title with a 4:39.9 clocking. This performance stamped him as one of the most promising high school milers in the entire nation. Records up to 1957 showed that the fastest mile ever run in the United States by a high school freshman was a 4:34.4 mile by Ashley Hawk of Fort Wayne, Indiana. One year later as a sophomore, Haines set a new OVAL record of 4:36.3, a record that still stands. Dyrol Burleson, cover boy on Sports Illustrated of May 30, 1960 and one of America's 3 sub-4 minute milers at 3:58.6, showed no greater promise than Haines in his first two high schoolseasoQe. Burleson ran 4:43.2 as a 1955 high school freshman compared to Haines 4:39.9. As a sophomore Burleson clocked 4:33.4 compared with Haines 4:36.3. Burleson devoted himself to the mile all year round and went on to set a National High School record of 4:13.2 as a senior in 1958. In addition to the State title Haines won as a feshman, he also won the Maryland schoolboy crown in 1959 with a 4:39.6. His best clocking for 1960 has been a 4:40.0. He also posted a 4:42.9 in the runner-up spot behind Bill Claus in the OVAL mile May 21st. Sterling enjoys football and basketball as well as track and has consequently divided his time and training among the three sports, which is probably the reason he has been unable to keep pace with Burleson's improvement rate during his last two years.


Frederick High School, Frederick, Maryland

Coached by: Hal Moser

Dave Brenneman, the fast little 880 man from Frederick High, will be making his 1960 mile debut today. Dave is primarily an 880 rutner, but he has a good endurance background from cross country and an excellent turn of natural speed. This ideal combination of endurance and speed could produce a mile in the neighborhood of 4:40. Brenneman stepped through a 2:02.9 880 in setting the St. James Invitational record for the event on April 50th. This performance rates equally with a mile of 4:40.4 on the International Decathlon Scoring Tables. He also set a new OVAL record of 2:05.2 in defeating todays mile favorite, Bill Claus, in the 880. If Dave is capable of staying with the pace through the first /4 mile, he could surprise some of his more experienced mile rivals with a burst of speed near the end. His coach, Hal Moser caught him in a 51+ 440 leg on the mile relay at the CVAL meet.


Fort Hill High School, Cumberland, Maryland

Coached by: Paul Flick

Merwin Hast, the tallest man in the field at 6 ft. 5 in., has performed double duty this spring running both the 880 and themile on many occasions. Hast seems to run his best when the competition is toughest as he clocked his best mile of 4:44.0 running in a fast mile field at the Bellaire Relays on April 30th. This performance came only 2 days after he had recorded a 4:50.0 in a dual meet with Beall of Frostburg. He had a hot duel with undefeated miler Bill Claus of Allegany in their dual meet running a 4:48.7 only to lose the race by a fraction of a second. Merwin displayed a strong kick in the stretch of the OVAL mile to nail down third place with a 4:48.1 time. He will likely be trying to better the 4:40 mark today.


Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Coached by: Jimmy Curran

Bill Thompson, a 6 ft. 2 in. 155 lb. junior at Mercersburg, competed in cross country last fall and placed 4th in a field of 37 runners at the Cumberland Valley Cross Country Meet. He has ducked under the 4:50 level on two occasions this spring,

clocking a 4:48.0 in a dual meet with Saint James and posting his best mark of 4:46.0 in the meet with Hill School. Bill recently ran a 3:23 3/4 mile time trial

indicating he is ready to push the 4:40 mark for the mile. His home is in the western part of the U.S. and although school is out for the year at Mercersburg, he decided to remain an extra week at the Academy in order to compete in todays mile.


Berkeley Springs High School, Berkeley Spring, West Virginia

Coached by: Paul B. Hodges

Jack Hendershot began a highly successful year on November 21, 1959 by winning the Cumberland Valley Cross Country Meet with a course record time of 9:40.0 for the 1.8 mile St. James School layout. This spring, Jack captured the St. James Invitational mile in 4:47.8, took the Potomac Valley Conference crown with a 4:51.2, and led the West Virginia regional milers home in 4:55.1 at Martinsburg. . His only loss this spring came in the West Virginia State meet, where he ran a sparkling first /4 mile only to lose out when the early hot pace he had set began to take its toll on the last lap. Jack will probably use the experience he gained in the State meet to a good advantage in todays mile.



Allegany high School, Cumberland, Maryland

Coached by: Ed Schwarz

Jeff Norris, although a fine miler in his own right, has had to be content Vdth running in the shadow of his State Champion teammate, Bill Claus. Norris is on:

a sophomore, however, and will have two more seasons to display his -railing ability"

Jeff has a best mark of L:O.O this year and has been consistently among the leaders in most major meets this spring. In the Fort Hill Invitational, he followed Claus across the line for a 1-2 Allegany score. He also ran a

mile while finishing in the 6th spot in the CVMJ May 21st. Jeff would like to finish his sophomore campaign with an under 14:50 clocking in the Invitational Nile,


Saint James School, Saint James, Maryland

Coached by: George Hill

Bobby Tufts, a Saint School sophomore, showed great promise early this year when he broke 5 minutes for the mile in the Washington Evening Star Games in January. However, Bobby has been slow rounding into form this spring as he divided his talent between the pole vault and the mile. After deciding to concentrate on the mile, Tufts clipped off his best mile with a 14:50.8 in the

IAC Championships May 114th. He was a medal winner in both the 1958 and 1959

Cumberland Valley Cross Crountry meets finishing 14th in 58 moving up to

6th place in 59. Bobby will be aiming at the Saint James School record of 4:143.3 in todays test.


Westminster High School, 1:restminster, Maryland

Coached by: Dick Nakosky

Mel 1rbaugh is one of three promising Sophomores in the Invitational Mile Field, Like another Sophomore, Jeff Norris of Allegany, he has also been running behind a senior State Champion teammate this year; that teammate being the 1957 & 1959 State Titlist, Sterling Haines. Haines and Arbaugh on several occasions this

year have finished together in hand-in-hand ties for first place, but in the C.V.A.L., tough competition forced them to go their separate ways with Arbaugh gaining Fourth place and his best Mile time of 14:149.5. Rain washed out his chance to improve on that time in last weeks state meet, but with good weather he could get close to 14:45 in the Invitational.